Monday, August 25, 2008

How's This For a 1st Day Welcome...

i got some yummy goodies from my sweet co-workers, a fun, monkey frame from my good friend, kristy, a plant sent from my wonderful in-laws, and some beautiful flowers sent from my precious husband!!

#1 Team!!

deneise & christy
emily, meredeth, mary, carrie
how beautiful are these girls?!? and the best part, they are just as sweet!!

Day #1...

just to let you know...i had a great first day!! oh, the kids did too!! :) payton and i left the house at 6:45, so no one was up for a 1st day of school picture! but not to worry...we took one about 7:00 tonight. unfortunately, there was no talking reagan into changing back into his cute, 1st-day-of-school outfit! :) anyway, here's what i got...

my class is very social! :) they are so stinkin' cute. now that i've met them all, i'm even more excited about this year. i know it's going to be great! i wish i could post their pictures, but i'm thinking i could get into some trouble!!'ll just have to come visit my class!

Monday, August 18, 2008

hee hee hee!

this is what i saw when i went to my car this morning!! shane is such a dork! he even buckled the monkey in!! :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

A New Beginning...

yes...i woke up in time for work this morning!! yay, me! shane woke up & took my picture to document my 1st day! (i thought my mom would appreciate the picture!) well, only 191 more to go...just kidding, i'm not really counting!!
ok, i couldn't decide if i should tell about my crazy experience today, but here goes...i decided i should go to the little girls room before our district-wide introductions were about to begin. sounds harmless...well, it was a one room potty, you know w/the boy & girl on the outside. so i push open the door and guess what??? A MAN WAS PEEING!!!! THIS IS A BRAND NEW BUILDING WITH LOCKS ON THE DOOR!!!! WHO DOESN'T LOCK THE DOOR???? well, i know 1 person that doesn't!!! i bet you are thinking, well, at least he had his back to you...NO...the potty was on the side wall, right when you open the door!!! and in case you are wondering you know what...YES!!
on a more serious note: HOW 'BOUT THE MEN'S RELAY LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that, my friend, is what the olympics are all about! although, i'm thinkin' the 33 year old gymnast might be even more impressive than that race!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy 14th Anniversary!!

as often as possible, we celebrate our anniversary at a bed & breakfast. this year we went to bastrop, tx! we were absolutely lazy and had a wonderful time!!
we had pecan waffles the 1st morning and omelets the next! shane also special ordered chocolate covered strawberries for me!! now that i think of it...i'm pretty sure all we did was eat!

i wanted to steal this kitty, but shane wouldn't let me!! this cat loved, loved, loved me!
(the owner said he loves everyone, but i know he loves me most!!)

this kid was a real soda jerk...i think that's what he's called!? i'm not being mean! anyway, he mixed together my dr. pepper! so yummy, and to top it off...great ice!!

we went to austin to mess around and have supper. but not to worry...we went home by way of college station so we were able to get rid of the t-sip cooties!
shane, thanks for a fun trip and 14 WONDERFUL years. i love you more than you'll ever know!

My Classroom... it's get the picture! just 4 more days 'til i report for duty!! but only 2 more days 'til the olympics!!!!!!!!! yay!

My Helpers

help this good doesn't come cheap!!

1st Fish!!

this was the 1st time jeff has ever gone fishing and this is his 1st fish!! i have to tell this part...reagan had to take the fish off the hook for him!!


Country Boy Can Survive

no fish tales here...reagan caught the biggest fish of the day...2.8 lbs!!

I Don't Like to Brag...

Putt-Putt Fun

we always have a great time hanging out with miss estes!
(even if it's 110 degrees outside!!)

Big Buds

i think these two have some great times ahead of them! they've already started bowling together!

That's My Boy...

reagan, payton, and i were playing a hannah montanna card game. reagan drew the hairstyling card and chose payton to work on. hopefully, cosmetology is not in his future!!!


look at the yummy masterpieces we made!! oh, they're pancakes!