Sunday, September 28, 2008


shane and payton had a very productive sunday afternoon! they created T.H.O.R., THE HAPPY OUTRAGEOUS ROBOT! this is a recycling project for school...hopefully, her teacher will think it's as great as i do!! :)
i love the big smile on his face!!

I Heart Aggieland!

the only thing better than a day in a day in aggieland with shane and the kiddos!
we had such a great day! the seats in front of us & to the side of us, were empty, so we had plenty of room!! it was military appreciation day...4 men jumped from an airplane & parachuted to the middle of the field, a flag that went from end zone to end zone was rolled out at half time, and i got the cutest aggie, fossil purse!!
(oh, and the aggies won!!)
just when you think it can't get any better than does!! shane's aunt & uncle (after 15 years, can't i call them my aunt & uncle too??) anyway, they were at the game so we met them at casa ole for supper!! why can't we have a casa ole here??? probably my favorite part of the day, next to my nap in the student center (that brings back some memories!!), was hearing the new coach say that this football game is meaningless when you think about all of the men & women in the military defending our country! there were still some idiots around us that don't get that!! this will make me sound very, very old...but, i can remember a time when there was no booing at kyle field. that has always been one of my favorite traditions! apparently, not many people are holding onto that tradition! but, all in all, we had a great, great day!! gig 'em!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

this picture expresses just how i feel today!! my class has been bouncing-off-the-walls crazy! we did not have good day today! i know it's because of the rain & no recess, but i'm not sure i can handle another day like today! ok, just needed to whine a little! :) i already feel better after seeing this cutie-patootie, ben! tomorrow is a new day!

i know you can't tell from this picture, but these 2 are good buddies! they were having fun until i got out my camera!!

Way to Go!!

payton had her first gymnastics meet last saturday. she loved, loved, loved it! it was a bit of a long day, but totally worth it to see her so happy! how cute is she!!