Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mexico Mission Trip ~ Part 1

I thought I could get this done all at one time...uhhhmmmm...not gonna happen. It takes way too long to upload the pics.'s a few of the Grace folks: the whole group
our beautiful view from the compound

one of the many bumpy van rides

the kiddos stayed pretty dirty

time in town

good times at the market

the mccauley family

supper time!



walking to town to get ice-cream
tim & crystle

colin & kelly celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary in mexico!

Football Frenzy

Lucky for me, I am friends with 2 of WSISD's greatest!! The Teachers of the Year got to watch the game in style Friday night, and I got invited to go too!! Yay me! Thanks to Jenny & Emily for letting Kristy & me hang with them in the super-fancy press box! Not a bad way to watch a Brewer football 1st in about 20 years! We had a blast!!

That's Reagan, Alex, & their buddies hangin' out on the front row. The very nice scoreboard!

The boys joined us for a while.

After a late night at the Bear's game, Reagan had a 7:15 AM practice. That's him on the left, #32. How cute is he??? Oh, by the way, I wasn't there until 8:30 AM!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I never know what to expect from this goofball!!

First Day of School Cuties...

I always take their picture outside by our tree, BUT, since Reagan has to be at school at 6:30 AM, it was too dark!! How can they already be in 4th & 7th grade!!!
Payton's desk & supplies

The World Famous, BHE Teacher of the Year...Miss Estes!!

Doesn't he look so tough in his BMS work-out clothes!!
(I think he looks adorable!!)

I just had to add this cute are those 2 boys!! This was also Reagan's 1st day in the youth group at church!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My 1st Cats Game...

thanks to ronnie & barb for taking us to the cats game!! a great time was had by all...all 44 of us!

the best part of the game was holding brody!!

the fireworks were fantastic!!

the boys were running the bases so fast, they were just a blur!!

Goodbye Summer!!

i had a fun last week of summer hangin' with the kiddos!! here's a few pics:

always a good time at chuck e. cheese!!
yummy fun at the rainforest cafe!

landry told reagan he was his best tousin!!

i'm so excited...reagan learned how to "surf" a staircase!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Imagine That...

who's the only person on the front row not sitting the way she should?? that stylish-cutie just happens to be yours truly. man, kindergarten was a great year! i obviously had not hit my darth-vader t-shirt wearin', i wanna be a boy, phase!!

We're Hungry...When are You Coming Home??

payton & i left reagan and alex home alone for a while and that's the phone call i got. being the wonderful mom, i rushed home b/c i didn't want these growing boys to go hungry. what an idiot!! they weren't hungry, they just wanted to blast me with their nerf, machine gun!!! i love the set-up of the fort...the opening for the gun...

Isn't This How Everyone Watches TV??

Isn't This How Everyone Watches TV??

What Goes on During My Sunday Nap??


the boys were having nerf gun wars!!!
this was how payton was protecting herself!!