Saturday, September 26, 2009

reagan and abbee after a shower!!

i walked into the kitchen and found payton playing her ds here!!!!#@%$!

My Little Chef!

payton told me she wanted to start cooking, so, being the incredible cook that i am, i said sure!! (ok, i actually was wondering why she couldn't have said this to nanny or grandma!!!) anyway, last saturday, we went through a cookbook and found a couple of recipes. this was her 1st...
browning the meat...

payton wanted her very own cutting board!! she picked a really cute one of course!

the finished product!!!
p.s. she didn't like it!!! she just picked the tots off the top!!

Before...'ll be a while before there are after pictures, but i wanted to go ahead and have this room saved!! don't judge me!! payton is just like i was when it comes to her room. i would like to think that i am a fairly clean person now!!! therefore, there's hope for her too!!

we had this room painted right before her 2nd birthday! it's been a great place for's time for a change!! her new bedding is soooo stinkin' cute!! granted, we'll never see it under all of the junk...but i'll know it's there!!

Friday, September 25, 2009


how adorable are my neices & nephew???
i really need to go to tulsa to spend some time with these goofballs!!

who doesn't miss this doofus??

Belate Birthday Wishes!!

one of my all-time favorite people celebrated a birthday a couple of weeks ago...BEN...this is the kid who coined the word, "torrible"!! i'm pretty sure he's one of the funniest kids i've ever met!! last week when marcy went in to wake him up for school, he was soooo tired that he told her he hadn't even been asleep yet!! sometimes he tells her that waking up is not a great idea!!! maybe it's our like "sparkling personalities in the morning" that makes me love this kid so much!! but anyway, here's a few pics from his party!!

(how cute is reagan at a build-a-bear party???)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


yay for b-dawg!! valedictorian and trick master!!

Study Break...

after working for what seemed like forever on this power point...

reagan had a football, maroon-out, study break...

Educational and Yummy!!

who knew math could be so tasty?? i did! i'm not sure if the kids learned anything, but we sure had fun!!
these feet were dark can't even tell in the picture!!! i actually love these sweet feet!!

Got Bleach?

i don't!! but i'm washing these bad boys anyway! i'm pretty sure i just used an entire bottle of spray and wash! wish me luck!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Boy is Growing Up!!

Reagan has to dress-up on game day...khakis and a tie!!! This is Shane helping him get his tie ready for the next day. I wish I could get a picture of him all dressed up, but he gets dressed at school. For some reason, I couldn't convince him to put on all of his clothes and let me get a picture!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

yesterday the boys headed down to college station for the 1st game of the year!! the ags won 41 - 6! WHOOP! maybe this is their year?? well...we need to at least beat baylor!! :)

Middle School Update:

the homework is a bit more that reagan is used to!! going from zero homework in 5th & 6th grade to over 2 hours in one night is quite a change! but...doesn't he look so studious!??
our 1st football game is this tuesday at 5pm at crowley middle school!! woohoo!! ok, i'm really not that excited! three 7th graders ended up in casts last week, but i'm really trying to get pumped up!! :)