Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday Night WILD Dress Up

Isn't that the cutest, little, nerd you've ever seen?? If anyone sees a "I heart Nerds" shirt before Saturday afternoon, let me know!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

How Can I Not "Steal" These Pics...

if brody doesn't make you smile, nothing will!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We are So Proud!!

Nice Sweater!! My favorite part of this story is Reese being glad Reagan stretched out her she can still wear it next year!!! That girl is a crack-up!!

My Day...

I was supposed to go with my family to the Aggie game on Saturday, but the thought of having the house all to myself was too tempting!! This will be the 1st year since I graduated, that I haven't made it to at least 1 game!! As you can tell, I wasn't missed!! :)

How stinkin' cute are my peeps??!


I forgot these pics from Chicago:

This is some giant bean sculpture that she keeps talking about. She did a handstand against it or something like that!

Payton's Trip to Chicago

Since I didn't get to go on this super-fun trip, I'm not sure where all of these were taken! If you want the facts, check out my friend Emily's blog! :)

I'm pretty sure this was at the American Girl Store.
This was one of Payton's favorites...she got to write on the wall!!
P-Rae said she was FREEZING!! I'm pretty sure it was still somewhat "warm" for Chicago!

Stick a Fork in Him...

he's done!! And the winner is:

The Coffin...

Hard at work!! As these 2 goofballs were jackin' around, Shane reminded them that both of their grandfathers had a good part of a finger cut off!! :)

this project completed, starting the next one tomorrow!!@#%^^&!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

5:30 AM!!!!

2 of my favorite people left out of here this morning at that crazy hour!! my baby is headed to visit one of her favorite people in chicago...Lexie-Lu!! thanks to the williams for allowing her to come visit! take good care of p-rae for me...please make sure she brushes her teeth at least once!! :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Future Aggie...

believe it or not i did not give brody this shirt!! he just knows what's right!! i did, however, persuade his nana to make him an Aggie dog at build-a-bear!! so cute!
(i don't necessarily agree with his shirt, but i do LOVE it!)
p.s. it's not a great typo when you leave the "r" out of shirt!! i'm really glad i read back over this before hitting publish! (emily, that must be your fault!! :)