Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sorry Mom!!

well, for months i've been looking for a new wedding band and i've finally found the one for me...i really wanted a plain, white gold band, but i fell in love with this one:

yikes...look at those wrinkles...i'm a 40 year old with 80 year old hands!! :)
i know what you're thinkin' 'bout a little lotion every now & then!!!

1st Day of School

this is the 1st year we are all on different campuses...which can be a little crazy!!
side note: reagan only has 4 more 1st days of school here at home!!! i did say that maybe he would decide to go to college close by, and he told me to not count on it!!!

Happy 16th Anniversary!!

every year we try to go away for our anniversary, this year we went to a bed & breakfast just outside of hillsboro. this is a picture of our suite plus the outside. we had a super-fun time with lots of yummy food!! shane also had roses and chocolate covered strawberries for me!!
shane and i spent a few days with trey & kristi in minnesota. ummmmm...i'm pretty sure we did more than eat, but it doesn't seem that way...

this gi-nor-mous breadstick cracked us up!!

for some reason, i didn't take any pictures of their house!! trust me, it's gorgeous!!


this pic is for p-rae!! her favorite store!

we HAD to eat here...shane does an awesome forest gump!!!

we just wanted to ride 1 roller coaster...this one was the coolest looking one!

Fun with the Bagg Fam...

woohoo...made it to the top!!

reagan was the only one who would try to flip...

Vacation in San Antonio

our hotel...i already forgot the name...yikes!!

princess payton

remember the alamo!!

riding the boat on the river

payton likes to see how many colors she can wear at one time!!

the san antonio zoo

this is a tiny, baby monkey.....soooooooo cute!!
pepaw was the butterfly whisperer...none of us could get near a butterfly, while peeps had them swarming him!!! :)

there were some crazy lookin' animals

we were waiting for the elephant HOT!!

feeding the fish


we looked everywhere for the giraffes. when we finally found them, there was 1...and this is all we saw of it!!!! :)

a day at sea world

we HEART shamu!!!!!!!

wow...when they say splash zone, they mean splash zone!!!!!
freezing-cold, fishy water!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm not sure how many times we stopped to make a penny!! i'm guessin' we spent like 10 bucks to make 5 cents!!!

What an awesome vacation!!! If you are wondering where the boys were, Reagan was in Mexico and poor Shane had to work!! Thanks for the fun time, Nanny & Pepaw!!