Sunday, February 6, 2011

The End!!

hopefully this is the last snowy day post for a while!!
it's been fun but it's time to get back to real life!!

Pioneer Woman Wannabe...

this ice storm has brought out the susie-homaker in me...thanks to the pioneer woman cookbook i made my first chicken-fried steak and chocolate sheet cake...i knew you guys wouldn't believe me without here it is:


some people ruined my yummy supper with ketchup!!

well...unfortunately...all of this yummy, yummy food is incredibly FATTENING!! so much for my diet in january!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Show Must Go On...

we braved the ice covered streets to make it to the rodeo!! shane was an excellent driver!!!

my favorite carnie...oh, i mean hero!! i'm pretty sure after i got in the booth her program sales sky-rocketed!!

good times with good friends

ummmm...notice all of the empty seats...

thanks, mere, for the program delivery!!

my favorite part of the new boots!!
(well, besides the cotton candy...)

More Snowy Fun...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Forgotten Picture...

this is my goofy son in minnesota!! he wanted a picture in shorts and a t-shirt...that would be bare legs buried in the snow!!! i'm so proud! :)

Winter Storm 2011

it's 15 degrees ourtside and these goofballs wanted to go out sledding!! thanks to lauren's dad & pepaw for taking them out...remind me how nice this day was when we have to go to school on Good Friday!!

Good Times!!

We got to enjoy a yummy supper with some of our most favorite people last night...a great last supper before "The Winter Storm of 2011" hit!! (We were at Babe's in Granbury...)