Wednesday, April 6, 2011

BTHO Notre Dame!!

WHOOP!! Gig 'Em Aggies!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Whoos!!

This whole blog was done by the wonderful, the lovely, the awesome dancer,

Payton Rae Rothenberger. Hahaha. But seriously. So just observe these pictures.
Lauren & Mollie

Audrey (on the side)

It look a lot to get us to take this picture.

There was a little froggy, sittin on a loggy, cheerin for the other team who had no sense at all. Then the little froggy, bumped his little head, and when he came back up again this is what he said, he said: Go go go, go you mighty Whoos, fight fight fight, fight you mighty Whoos, win win win, win you mighty Whoos, go fight win! Until the very end! :] Lots of chanting coming from our float :) It was a fun day! All of us on our float. Good times :]
Lets go Whoos!!! Wow. We really didnt do a lot on our float like these people. Hmm, where do you find that large baseball??

Hi. Its Payton here. Im the one in the very awesome picture above.

M0st of my eye black came of before my mom got a picture :( But, I looked awesome. Trust me. So, anyway, I won my game :-] The final score was 9-2 Bwahaha!! We played the "Demons"

But, the Whoos dominated.

If you think that I should blog for my mom, or have mine own blog, please contact me or my mother. Thank You.

~Payton Rae~

Another Great Year!!

i just had to show the sweet card my daughter gave me, with the flowers shane gave me in the background... a close up of the card (i coudn't get it to turn the right way!!) can you feel the love??
best presentation!! :) i wish i would have gotten a picture before i took off the tissue cute! (thanks kristy!!)
thanks to ALL of my friends and family who helped make this the best birthday ever!!