Friday, July 15, 2011

Some Great Pics From Facebook

how beautiful is my family??

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July...

these little fellas rode in the car with us to meridian...i bet they regret the decision to get into our car!!!

kel...was this pre-purge or post??

we also had fried fish made by this cutie...

guess how many trays of crawfish this gal had...

four!!! you go girl!!

pepaw did a decent job of keeping up with her!!

livin' the dream...

the anatomy of a crawfish:

yes. he. did...he sucked the head!!

thanks, kelly & colin, for the great, great day!!

Cayley & Karis

i love when these gals make it to texas...never a dull moment...


we had a fun time downtown with nanny and pepaw


payton and i had a mini-vacation in oklahoma city...our hotel was actually an apartment complex...

we spent the day in bricktown...our favorite spot:

we even had more fun once cayley and karis joined us!!

Payton's 11th Birthday Sleepover

kelli braided p-rae's cute!!

i HEART seattle

kristy and i had a super fun weekend in seattle...our 1st meal: seattle's version of guac...

i was really, really tired at, not from drinking beer...the time difference!!

our hotel...the paramount

it was so pretty everywhere!!

we really were having fun...just look at kristy's face!!

ummm...this was supposed to be my picture of the men throwing the fish

what are you lookin' at??

this was for payton...

ooops...this is the 1st starbucks, nothing to do with making cheese

here's more cheese-making pictures...

lots o' musicians...

i think this was on a bridge?? right, kristy??

shoot...i can't remember where this was...somewhere in seattle!!??!

this texas flag was in a "mexican" restaurant

several of our meals were served with yummy cornbread

mini shrimp tostadas

we rode this to the space needle

our view from brunch...not bad

i know these are totally random pics...kristy is a much better photographer

all in all...AWESOME trip!!!