Saturday, August 13, 2011

17 Years!!

shane and i celebrated our anniversary in dallas this year. it was one of my favorite trips with him!! we had dinner in reunion tower then went uptown for a movie. we were so cool!! HA!

best part of the night!!


my plate of food was so huge compared to shane's!!

the views...we had dinner at 8 so we got to see the city during the day and at night!

i was taking a picture of our hotel. it's the bldg. to the left of the green building
with the red light on it!

we had dinner at the heart attack grill...we had to wear hospital gowns over our clothes!!

a man actually came in and weighed in front of everyone and got a free meal!

(oh, he was 355 pounds!)

the menu

after lunch we went to the holocaust museum and then the jfk museum

as always, i had the best time with shane. after 17 years he's still got it!

Aren't These Fun??

i found these goofy things to mail to sarah and payton in minnesota. they were a huge hit at the post office!
what will they think of next?

OOOPS...more vacation 2011

i realized i left out a few pictures from our trip...

i had to have proof that i actually got in the lake!!

the owner of this course turned the volcano on for my picture!! such a nice man!

this was the dock near our was nice to just hang out and look at the view...see how they are looking!!

now, that is the end!!

Family Vacation...2011

we had a wonderful week in arkansas!! a very relaxing way to end our summer...

our home for the week

reagan was trying to convince me that his bed was too small so he was going to need the bigger room with the king size bed...nice try!

i'm not sure what payton is thinking!!

our view from the dock

we spent one day at the magic springs crystal falls amusement/water park...there was no waiting to ride the rides, so shane and the kids rode them over and over...i only rode each ride once!! but i got to take pictures of them!

wow...looks like they are having a great time!!

this is one ride i did not do!! it made me sick just watching it!

freakiest ride...ever!!

this is a picture of a deer...they were everywhere!! i thought i had some better pictures that this!!

well, this one is a little better.

there was bit too much competition on this vacation!! :)

needless to say, the girls didn't do so well...

this was a mean game of yatzee!!

more competition...p-rae definitely won cutest golfer!!

nice form!

shane is peeking out behind the bushes with his hole-in-one ball!!

one round of putt-putt was not enough for these guys. after dinner we found another course and played 36 more holes!!

are you getting the pirate theme??

this was payton's lucky racoon running off. i think she named him lemonade...don't ask me why?? anyway, after she saw him she got a hole-in-one!

on our last day we rented this boat and spent a few hours on the lake.
our trip got cut a little short by a big ol' storm. being on a boat in a storm was certainly not payton's favorite part of the trip!!

happiness before the storm!!!

our captain!

p-rae had a really hard time getting on the tube...but once she did...she loved it!!

reagan was awesome...shane kept trying to throw him off but couldn't!

well, i guess that's it! we left the next day and had a safe trip home!

the end!