Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More Basketball...

i love that these 2 have been friends since they were babies!! how cute are they??

2 of My Faves...

My Baby Boy...

is in high school...nooooooooo...

these 2 definitely wanted this picture taken!!


another great, great day in aggieland!

we got to see trey and the boys...

our voldemort shirts were the hit of the day!!


i love having this kiddo in my class!!

we celebrated 11-11-11 in my class at 11:11 am. payton, shane, and i made the cupcakes...although, i'm sure you were thinking they were professionally done!! :)

Storybook Character Day

guess who's in the bear suit??

Happy Halloween!!

lauren had a halloween shin-dig this year...payton had a blast!!!

my sweet clown

mollie & payton

payton's crew

mandy's mummy dogs
fun & yummy!!

she seems so sweet...

mr. jenkins took the crew all around the neighborhood...thanks!

Pumpkin Carving Fun...

p-rae's masterpiece

kristy...thanks for hosting the fun again this year!

Braggin' Rights Forever, Baby!!

i had the privilige to show off my favorite place to some of my favorite who just happens to be a baylor bear...

instead of maroon was white out...i forgot why they were doing that?? anyway, it was so strange to see all white instead of maroon.

me and my girl

emily & kristy

parker and kristy

do you see the boys playing catch?? they are the ones in maroon!

(hee hee!)

just a couple of cool, college kids

this was a perfect day in aggieland!!

FFF: FREAKY Friends Forever!!

Natalie, Cali, and Payton...costume, skating party


Emma and P-Rae

Kelli, P-Rae, Lauren, Cassidy, & Mollie

CREEEEEPY Payton & Lauren

Payton & Kelli


guess who didn't take pics on the 1st day of school??? aaaarrrrrgh!! this was within the 1st month or reagan...

We Will Never Forget

Payton and I went to FBC Lakeside to see their 9-11 Tribute. It was so moving! Thanks for the invite Grandma & Papa!