Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My First Midnight Premier...

The Hunger Games!!!
Team GALE, Baby!!!


How in the world did we go from this...

TO THIS???????

Friday, March 16, 2012

End Of An Era... that a bit too dramatic for payton's last season of upward?? sorry, i don't have one action shot, but my camera doesn't do well in the gym!! i also forgot to get pics of her fabulous coaches, sherry ikerd and chris carrithers!! she had an amazing last year!!

Friday Night Fun...

this post REALLY needs a video to go with it...
they were both braggin' how good they were at walking in these bad boys when they took a nose-dive...we were all laughing so hard we almost peed our pants...not exaggerating!!!


anyone remember why i took this picture during sunday school??
oh well, it sure is cute!!

Playing Hooky...

my crazy friend, kel, asked me to take off half a day and have lunch with her & could i say no to that cutie!!!??!! not to mention kelly's dream came true when she FINALLY got her jeep...i had to spend a day driving around with her, even if that meant spending an afternoon at cahellas. (no, no spelling mistake!)
seriously, hangin' with this guy was a blast!! we got to see feedin' time with the fish, you can't beat that!!
thanks for a super-fun day!!

Project Time...

both of the kids were working on projects at the same time AND i actually remembered to take pictures...yay, me!! :) anyway, reagan drew a mean bugs bunny for geometry and payton created a very realistic rain forest. (don't ask how many stores we had to visit to find the perfect tube o animals for her display!!!)

Fifteen and Fabulous!!

reag and alex had a combined friend party!! it made me a little sad that there wasn't an elmo or lego in sight...just a bunch of sweaty teenagers playing basketball!! but...they did let us take a picture, so i got over it!! i love, love, love these stinky teenagers...oh, and they smelled bad too! :)

A Few of My Favorite Things...

p-rae and i went to oklahoma to spend a little time with these crazy chicks...not nearly enough time...but we had a blast!! there's never a dull moment when payton and karis get together!!

Misty's Big Day...

the gorgeous bride and groom...2 of the most amazing Christ-Followers i have ever met!!
misty with her sweet aunt and uncle
misty with her favorite cousin! :)
the proud parents of the bride
2 of my most favorite gals!!

Merry Christmas!!

So sorry fam...I didn't take many pics this year...

we had a visitor for christmas...sweet cassie...

this was my special gift from my sis-in-law...thanks, kristi!!

our baby tree

as always, reag is thrilled to have his picture taken!!

Happy 15th...

whoop-dee-whoop-dee...socks!! :)

we love to celebrate reag's birthday at spring you can see, he and everyone else were soooo thrilled!! i LOVE this family!!

Our Super Star!!

mrs. claus did an awesome job in couch potato santa!!

sweet friends...cali & natalie

another friend...emma