Saturday, May 12, 2012

Most People Think I'm Wimpy...

this totally proves i am not!!!  seven, 12 year old girls in my house for the evening!!   hopefully, the neighbors will forgive us soon!!  :)  (shane, you owe me for doing this while you were out of town!!)

 these gals had only 2 volumes...loud...and...LOUDER!!  :)

my incredibly unique 12 year old had unicorns, dinosaurs, yo gabba gabba, and pirate stuff at her party!!  she is definitely one-of-a-kind special and a joy to live with!!  happy birthday, sweet girl, i hope you always keep your bizarre sense of humor!!  i love you!

The Year of the 12th Man!!

this is the 12th annual aggie baseball's a look back at the first two years...

year #2...reagan was 4!!

the very first year...reagan was only 3 years used to actually smile!!  :)