Saturday, July 14, 2012


 Fancy Wear
 Casual Wear
Sleepy Wear

they got bored and ended the show early!!
as always, these 2 put a smile on my face!

Kool-Aid Coloring...

 these 3 talked me into letting them color their hair with kool-aid...who knew??
 notice lauren in the background...she wasn't going to do it until they did their 1st side!!
 she was convinced!!
 yep, it's bright red!!  :)

 the finished product!!

A Special Surprise...

           we were able to go see grandma romig and family while in california.  she didn't know we were coming!!

San Fran...The End!

 getting ready for the rangers/giants game!  give me back my hat!!

 as soon as the game was over, a gazillion birds swooped onto the field!!  weird!

San Fran - Part III

 the crookedest (sp?) road in the world!!

 payton's favorite part of the trip...the target with the escalator for baskets!!
 the other side of the golden gate bridge

 our sweet ride for the week

 stinson beach

 too cold for pepaw and me!!