Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Break 2013

hmmm...this is the only picture i took this sad is that??  kristy and i took the boys to urban air trampoline park...don't they look happy??  (payton was at 6 flags)  payton, nanny, and i also went to norman to visit with cayley...i can't believe i didn't take one picture!!  :(  oh well, we had a great week off!!

Crazy Gals...

they were trying to come up with the worst outfit!!

Happy New Year!

no better way to ring in the new year than with my favorite people!!  (i couldn't convince reag to join us!!)

Old Friends...


Merry Christmas!

 the ladies who made it all possible!!   :)

 soooo cool!!
 it was nice to celebrate christmas with grandma romig
we had a white christmas!!

Happy 16th!!

i really wanted to get a picture of reagan with the lady who gave him his driving test...he wouldn't really go for that!!  :)  we are so blessed to have reagan as our son...this has been an amazing 16 years!!  

Coolest Store Ever!

this is a crazy store in ardmore, oklahoma.  payton and i had a ball looking at all of the "treasures"

Happy Halloween!!

the carvings get a little better every year!!  

1st Day of School

Reagan - 10th grade
Payton - 7th grade

Fun with Cousins

 never a dull moment when these guys come to town!!  :)

 cayley LOVES in-n-out

 craft time!!

 watching her shrinky dinks

 ta dah!!!!

 strikin' a pose...

 a super-hot day at six flags!!

 the older folks barely survived the day at 6 flags!!!

love, love, love silly karis!!